Consumer Packaged Goods


Manufactured in our Bakersfield, CA facility, our pre-rolls are hand crafted using a variety of premium hemp flower including both CBD & CBG varietals. Raw, unbleached paper and strict quality controls ensure a consistent density and premium smoke-able product.


An oil tincture is perhaps the most common application for consistent dosing and therapeutic use. Our tinctures are crafted with an emphasis on purity, taste, effect to maximize efficacy. Multiple options featuring various cannabinoids, taste profiles, and potencies are available.

Hemp Sticks

Hemp sticks are a hemp based, tobacco and nicotine cigarette alternative. Filtered and machine packed homogenized hemp flower result in a consistent smoking experience. A variety of flavors, potencies, and profiles are available, including an herb additive for smoother draw.


Edibles are an increasingly popular method for consumption of cannabinoids. Processed in certified GMP facilities, all of edibles have been through rigorous quality control and maximized for bio-availability for a more efficient method of absorbing the active ingredients.